No Cure For What's Dead EP

by Endseeker U.S.

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Recorded, produced and mixed @ SB Studios, Cape Girardeau, MO.
Mastered by Joel Lauver @ Burning Bridge Recordings, Nashville, TN.


released March 1, 2016

Shelby Potts (Vocalist, Lyricist)
Shadrick Beechem (Guitar, Engineer)
Adam Pickens (Drums)
Darren Logan (Guitar)
Mark Jones (Bass)



all rights reserved


Endseeker U.S. Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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Track Name: Author Of Fear
Seems where there's a will,
there's just another grave waiting.
Don't tell me that it ever gets better.
Seems where there's a path,
we're left for dead in circles running.
Don't tell me that it ever gets better.
I'm red, white, and bruised,
and bleeding through.
I'd love you but I'm damned if I do
That broken heart means beautiful,
tucked away in this empty room.
Love you but I'm damned if I do.
Does that inspire you?

Both feet in hell,
now my hands are reaching out.
Kingdom lost, not kingdom found
Both feet in hell,
kiss and kill me, burn me down
Barricade the castle doors.
This ain't a revolution.
Take a look around
No one here is innocent.
Take a look again.
Come a little closer.
Take a look around.
Can't forgive, we can't forget.

I can only hope to god,
that you've given up on me.
Let's just get this over with,
cause' I've forever given up,
on what you thought that I should be,
on what you thought that I should see,
cause' you never left room for frailty,
cause' I was never the high
you thought I'd be.
Does that inspire you?
I've kept my demons closer
than you ever kept me.
I know the fear has festered deep.
How inviting the edge
of the world can be,
or have you played
the victims eyes with ease?.
Is this what you call victory?

Guess you won't mind,
when it's you they tear apart.
Track Name: Destroyer (feat. C. Wicker)
That fear is right behind you, and I know,
I know what makes you bleed,
what makes your kings all shudder,
the ones who took it all from me.
Sold my soul to watch them suffer,
and when the devil sets me free,
I'm bringing war on streets of gold.
This new regime keeps marching.

Careful what you wish upon,
and what you care for.
Careful not to cross my path,
on sea or shining shore.
Watch the snakes all rear their heads.

My guardian angel slept in today.
Heaven's dark clouds have harbored rain.
Same disaster, with a brand new face.
Killing me so well,
you're just killing me so well.
How you take my every breath away.
How you watch your lovers suffocate.
Open up the gates it's coming back around. Can't play the game,
tough enough to ever bleed me out.
Cherish the weight of the world,
as it all comes crashing down.
I feel a changing of the crown.
Anchor to the ocean floor,
I've finally lived to watch you drown.

Watch as I become,
what you made me out to be.
Tonight I'm leaving hell a different man.
The devil's got a home in me.
Same old, same disaster.
I'm the new deaf heart disease,
where no splendor exalts your dynasty,
or your hollow voice when it speaks.

Watch as become,
what you made me out to be.
Tonight I'm leaving hell a different man.
Watch as I become,
what you made me out to be.
Devil's got a home in my hand.

Romantic death she waits for me,
this wondrous night in her bed.
One delicate kiss from her lips,
salvation like a hole in my head,
carving out what's left of lying loves,
out from under fragile skin.
I've hollowed every room to let you in,
just to ease the fucking pain again.
Track Name: Misery Thrills
In circles swarm the vultures.
Hallelujah and amen.
But I know a million words
won't make a difference,
to the ones called living dead.
In circles swarm the vultures.
I see cain in your eyes again.
Hallelujah and amen,
without a reason to exist.
Hallelujah and amen.

Breed infamy, devour, bow down,
until the stars are all burned out.
Breed infamy, devour, bow down.
At the bottom of this bottle I'm singing.
Bow down.

I'll see you at the gallows,
on the day that I'm set free,
or could you love,
this machine that I am?
This world ain't a place for one like me.

I'll stand right here,
admit defeat a thousand times.
It's so hard to be sincere,
when I'm barely alive,
but I'll let you lead me to my grave,
If it finally means I sleep tonight.
All hail the generation
of cadaverous design.
No last man standing
in the shadow.
She's found another back
to sink her knife,
and I just hope to god it's mine.
She's found another back
to sink her knife.

In circles swarm the vultures.
What a damn shame
that suicide ain't in,
cause' I'd much rather be dead.
I'd much rather be dead,
than left without any love to give.
There's nothing left. I'll let in. I'll let it in.

Alone. Alone.
Cast every stone down on me.
Alone. Alone.
It's hard to hear you when I'm sinking.
Failure. Failure.
Cause' I was never born to be a lover.
Failure. Failure,
and I won't stop til' I pull them under.
Track Name: Sink To Survive (feat. T. Godlove)
Before I was the cold
that makes them shiver,
I was the flame to set them free.
Let the tides rush in,
wash over me, like a light
my darkened eyes can see.
Have you ever felt the cold,
the way it feels right now?
Is this where I let you get to me?

All the times
that I went searching,
led me back to this design.
Still I only wonder,
where you are tonight.
I'll sink to survive.

What mutiny is this,
that I've gone completely numb?
Deaf to the feeling.
Deaf to the sound.
What a monster I've become.
You'll never understand
the scars it took,
and I promise you
there will be blood.
These dying days
are numbered for all of us.

You spoke cold with coma heart,
lost every last chance to fight,
when horizons caught you blinded,
before your wings could take to flight,
cause' that crown don't mean a thing,
when it's only ever been a blood red lie.

All the times
that I went searching,
led me back to this design.
Still I only wonder,
where you are tonight.
I'll sink to survive.
Track Name: Death Of A Dream
Tear down my constellations.
There's nothing left of me to show.
Desolation. Disintegration.
You can have this hollow throne.
Night after night that bitter noise,
prowls around like dogs with teeth,
until your candle in the dark,
becomes your own worst enemy.

As long as I'm sinking,
you're singing along,
and it feels so good,
to be so fucking lost,
cause' you know they'll never
love you, If the fire ain't hot.
As long as I'm sinking,
you're singing along.

What a night to sleep so well alone,
with a loaded gun and empty smile.
I've walked a million miles,
never crossed your fucking mind.
One more push before I kiss it all goodbye.

Swing this door wide open.
Don't look down or you'll think twice.
Pull the trigger. Don't think twice.

You should have nailed my coffin shut,
on the day you put me in my shallow grave. Feel this caving in.
It's clawing at the seams.
Did you really think I'd let you walk away?
No you can't hide your face from me.
It breaks the shaking surface.
Soon enough you'll have to see.
Did you really think I'd let you walk away,
oh fallen one?

Send word your world is ending,
and there's a storm you cannot fight.
All these years you spent on lies.
Heaven and hell,
are gonna both collide.
I and my brothers in arms will rise,
will rise to meet the frontlines.
Sword in mouth and daggered heart,
from the dead we rise.

The dead we rise..
Track Name: Spirit Born
Fault lines shook me,
every chance that they could get,
and I'll try to stay awake,
as long as I can,
but I'm not scared to lose my skin.
Do you feel the night ahead?
They're speaking with,
the language of the dead,
but I've put my daggered heart,
where my mouth is,
and I'm not scared to lose my skin.
Do you feel the night ahead?
I just know that it won't be long,
before this dark night is finally gone.
I'll be the light your eyes can see,
a fire to set the captives free.
Raise your weathered
sails to brave the sea,
oh brothers in arms to me.