New Void Wonder

by Endseeker U.S.

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Written, recorded, and mixed @SB Studios, Cape Girardeau, MO by Shadrick Beechem and Shelby Potts. Mastered @Burning Bridge Recordings, Nashville, TN, by Joel Lauver


released May 26, 2017

Shelby Potts - Vocals, Lyrics
Shadrick Beechem - Instrumentation
Evan Sammons - Studio Drums



all rights reserved


Endseeker U.S. Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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Track Name: Midnight Sun
Every last second
with my eyes wide open.
Either I'm dreaming or I'm dead.
Restless and I'm broken in my own skin.
Nothing plays the game better,
than the voice in my head,
when all I've ever wanted
was to breathe again.
Every last second
with my eyes wide open.
Has it all come down to this?
Hold the door open as I stumble in.
I've never seen this place before.

Was it not I who wished the dark away?
Was it not I who spoke your name?
Cause I'd beg for death to kill the hate,
like the starving blackhole between her legs.
With every answer gone away,
was it all in fucking vain?
Come wish the dark away.

There's a panic in the hull
where she bleeds.
Drag me into eternity.
Sever the blood red hands that feed.
Speak to the hell inside of me,
Onward. Captain. Spiral.
You were there on the day I came undone,
and now there ain't no heartache
quite like the one I love.

There's gonna be a war
before this party's over.
We're closer to nothing,
than we've ever been before.

Closer than we've ever been,
us against our apocalypse..
Track Name: Hate Dweller
Now that the world's gone mad,
I know exactly what they'll find.
They're licking out blood from bullet holes.
Their lust for death itself inside.

One by one the fools rush in,
til' every last one of them is blind,
til' vacant hands become tools for war.
Their blood is on the front lines.
Their guts are on the floor.

Behold, for I'm epiphany's kiss,
hanging high like the
noose around your neck.
What a troubled mind it is,
when you're on the outside looking in.
Don't wait for dawn,
auroras touch, sweet love.
I'll give you courage enough to quit.
Don't wait there in the dark for too long.
Sometimes you've gotta brave the cliff.
They fell for it.

I'm only here to make my own path,
but it's more like a slaughter house.
So tell the king I'm taking over.
Pledge your allegiance to the sound.

Signs and wonders. Clouds of smoke.
It's an illusion, what they found.
Cornered, they're surrounded.
There's a new god in this town.

Glorify me for I kill,
just give me my rightful fame.
My terror roams thy towers,
and what a spectacle I've made.
There's no future for us anymore.

Can you hear the creatures howling?
Morning star has led us all astray.
It was you that sent me to this place,
laid to rest, yet wide awake.
They're calling out your name.
Don't fucking wake me up today,
if you're gonna break my heart,
but you were never listening anyway.

Welcome to the nightmare.
Skeletons roam captive.
Out comes the dragon.
My love to ashes.
Can you feel the shadow,
that damned the planet?
Death like a fashion.
Hell dressed the masses.
Out comes the dragon,
now that the world's gone mad.
Wake the final wrath.
My love to ashes..
Track Name: Eternal Machines
What became of catastrophe?
We never could kill
the nature of the beast.
Let's hear it for the empty lungs,
the pain that made you believe
it was ever worth anything.
We'll never be satisfied,
and that's no surprise to me.
There's no way out. There is no victory.

Bitterness sweeps in, convincing like a drug,
and I just can't wait til' I can sleep again,
since no one here's got the remedy
for all the misery that makes us sick.

Has fear finally spoken
your name just right?
It's such a long fall when we're up this high.
Has Judas kissed your lips goodnight
like handsome Romeo by your side?

Etch my fate into history's lost pages.
This one's gonna leave a mark
no matter what they make it.
You can't kill what's already dead,
but they can still be bought to destroy it all.
So where's my fix cause I've been
drowned out for too damn long.
Where is my fix?

Are you the passenger or are you the pilot?
I should've known better than to let you in.
Forget not the heart behind the riot.
You'll find it's the cause of all our sin.
You can only keep it hid for so long
before the color spills to fade
the fragile frames of broken men.

I'm all washed up on shore.
I lost myself in search of you,
and please forgive me for
I could not give you the moon,
or the perfection that you idolize.

If you're gonna be the devil,
then you've got to be sincere,
and I feel our resurrection near.
Breathe out the fire in your eyes,
and tell God, I've lost my mind.
Let it haunt you until you die.
Track Name: Haunt The Holy Ghost
I will defy what holds me by the skin.
Slither out straight to your bitter end.
Make your haste in someone else's bed,
you and all your cruel intentions.
Shadow fascinations
too obselete to manifest.
Spill the veins of the architect.
Slither out, ready now your exit.

March it down to hell and ride.
Come one. Come all. We feast tonight.
Show no mercy when the gates swing wide.
March it down. We will defy.
Come one. Come all. We feast tonight,
on the fear left behind in their eyes.
We feast tonight.

I'm every song that you sing.
I'm the you, you couldn't save,
the waves that keep you under,
the grave that brought you to this place.
By your side, I'll be here waiting
for you to make the same mistakes.
I'm the one that you'll remember
when the earth starts to shake.

When the fire disappears
with the change in your eyes,
louder now the ache trapped inside.
Call my name into oblivion.
I long for you to watch me burn.
No one's gonna get this right,
ever gonna get this right.

Darkness. Darkness.
Black out the sun.
Darkness. Darkness.
There's nowhere left to run.
Darkness. Darkness.
There will be blood.
There will be.
Track Name: War Era (feat. Joel Lauver)
Your fangs hid well behind the pulpit,
and kept my heart on ocean floor,
but honey now you're all outta tricks,
and the lion's knocking outside your door.

I'm learning fast my wings will fly
too high to ever let you in.
All your roads lead straight off a cliff
despite how inviting they begin.

Truly you know I'd burn that witch,
but damn my chaotic nerves
to their rightful place.
A lovestruck firestarter
turned a red dressed killers bait.
Still I'd take a leap of faith just for the taste
of that holy water turned sweet to wine.

Bring us all down to our knees,
if that's what you really think you need.
All because you had to be
the brightest star of the dream
of heights you knew I couldn't reach.
I've got the true solution. Set it all ablaze,
and leave no trail unslumbered.
We're crippled minds without delay.
My hand to the gavel, I wish you would
remind me that I'm powerless anyway.
Keep on laughin' it down to hell.
Set it all ablaze.

Over and over the angels sing.
Revolt! Revolt!
It might be beautiful, but it's empty.
Revolt! Revolt!
Long enough to keep believing.
Tell yourself you did it for love,
but you've lost control of me.

This is your self destruction.
It's desolation has stained the path,
and won't count the cost, but just don't forget,
there's no mercy for the merciless.

Feel the pain of consequence
from atop your burning bridge.
This hell is what you made it,
and now everyone is waiting,
for you to shed your skin.

Shed your skin and leave
the revolution wondering what went wrong.
Follow me down or I'll drag you along.
You'd better believe it always,
comes back around all in due season.

Where are your eyes to see
that you're all out of time?
Where are the guardians
you gladly left behind?
I'm not the man that you once knew.
I'm just the one you pushed aside.

Tell yourself your innocent,
that you did this all for love.
Call it what you will,
but I've seen enough.
Track Name: IXXI: Famine Divine
We must be slaves
to the stage and we know.
We try then we end
every day locked in cages,
and if it's all apart of
watching our fangs grow...
keep watch I've gone to sell my soul,
cause It's no mystery we're limitated,
and no one is gonna save us.

Why do we just not collide?
Will we collide?
Why do we just not collide? Collide.
God is just a six shot ride away.

Don't you know I'd die for this?
We used to fight for it,
but now I just hope they never see
that my heart is all I have to give,
that I'm the fool who still believed.

We must be slaves. We must be slaves.
I'll be your dark after the dawn.
I'll tell it to the barrel of a gun.
I'm all dressed up for the hole they dug.
My name is legion.
Track Name: Death's Illusive Grandeur
Rushes in like toxins..
much too late for medics now,
for the glorified wondrous hell
of burning our own selves out.

Buried alive by the weight of that crown.
It's so hard for us to see us now.
All the cowards in the backseat,
only shout the cowards down.

They say, "Shut your mouth young man,
before we lock you up in chains."
They say, "Look, we've got a better plan,
don't wanna hear a word you've got to say."

I've been here too long to know,
whether or not if I've gone blind,
but I know death ain't far behind,
that burning bright halo full of pride,
crashing down from way up high.

As always, death ain't far behind,
if these dreams are any sign,
but then, it looks just like the light,
when I've been holding
my breath for all my life.
It looks just like the light.

Barely breathing right where I begin.
A one night crash into your skin.
I'm better off this empty now,
than what it really could've been.

Out there go the dreamers eyes,
like a comet cast from heavy hands.
Out there goes the darkest night,
ever since we left heavens
bed for lovers wrath.

There's just something
about the sky tonight.
There's just something
about the way we beg,
about the way we beg to burn out bright,
and even giants ache the same,
as the poorest man sometimes.
Now there goes the falling sky.

Woke up lost and unaware.
A one night crash into your skin.
Barely breathing right where I begin.
I'm better off this empty now,
than what it really could've been.
Better off this empty now,
til' the me I am rears it's head.

So come on, devil.
I wanna hear those trumpets sound.
Come on, devil.
In death I'll have your crown.
Track Name: Seduction Wounds
You've got a bad luck on the draw my boy,
just leave those killing fields to me,
cause you know there ain't no destiny
when being broke means being weak,
and if you can't buy it, you ain't free,
for us those wanton kings of nothing
who bought and sold the spirit willing.

I was so lost, and now I see
that a "real man" don't mean a thing,
and those rich don't give
a shit what you think.
Ain't that just our american dream?

You'll wear it til' they glance a look,
but I won't even crack a smile.
I'm tearing pages from your open book,
and what a wreck that starts to pile.
That beauty's gonna fail like I said it would.

Off with those horns,
for you I have no mercy left.
Off with those horns,
the crooked path and static bends.
Off with those horns,
and your hoax of true love's kiss.
Off with those horns.
Unto you tenfold, and I begin again.

Your hate's been done before,
your drunk love manipulated.
Another millionth time goes 'round,
and your every lie is wasted.

Now you're kicking up dust and dirt,
but it's more like a great abyss.
Go writhe away and wither
in that mire dimly lit,
caught between the steady distance.
You'll never feel victory again,
and this, your awful craving for the end.

The unseen heights in silence
on behalf of all their empty lives.
It comes quiet in the night
as if to say how ill we are inside.
Reach down to see what's left in sight.
Oh God, did you hear what I felt this time?
I'm living life lost in the aftermath,
but at least I'm not afraid.
Alone I got through armageddon,
and it doesn't matter what you say,
cause you'll never understand,
so stay the fuck out of my way..

Or won't you come remind me,
about what I've become?
Cause I can't remember who I was,
before I fell into the flood.

Don't worry its only forever.
Who's gonna leave me empty handed?
Here comes the bottom.
Track Name: The Obsolete End
Oh my love, what lies you bring,
even after I gave this everything.
Where's my beloved bride to be?
I can't feel anything.

I've gnawed it down to a bottomless pit,
when I only used to dream that I could fly,
but now the cancer takes me from within.
So thank you and goodnight.

They're never gonna catch my fall.
I'd rather lay here, and I'll carry myself away,
than to ever think you'd let me close to you.
I'll carry myself away.
I'd rather you watch me break,
so just look at the mess I've made,
until there's nothing left that I could say.
Know that I won't be back someday.
So thank you and goodnight.
I'm on my way.

Please be still, my heart tonight,
or do you only seek to conquer me?
Have I gone too far for you this time?

If we're killing each other just to feel alive,
then nevermind I'll damn myself flight,
and our wider roads have spoken lies.
A narrow path like suffocation by design.

Please be still, my heart tonight.
Heaven did you run away from my side?
Nevermind I'll damn myself to find...
I'll show you what a real victim looks like.

I can't feel anything.
Is that murder enough for you?
Sincerely I, the new void wonder.

If you're the grandest plague,
then I'm a hellbent symphony,
when I open up the grave
to cast your wings,
and I'll love you just like a disease.
So learn to lace those lips with wires,
long before you start to speak,
for I am death, you'll know defeat.
I've got your storybook ending.
Here's your day of reckoning.
Track Name: Beta Earth (feat. Jack Daniels)
There's something coming after me,
and I can't see well enough to fight it.
This was more than just a dream I'm sure,
and it's cold where the walls are closing in.

The almighty question begs,
how should I speak of our salvation,
and of which voice should I listen
if the gates of hell awaiting
stand well against it?

Take me to a place where no shadow goes,
cause I'm at the bottom and all I know,
is that I can't do this on my own,
and I've gotta get out of here.

The answer itself in debt to reaction.
The pen against a million more.
It's a fight to the floor,
that's making this sound,
and ever since we fell from grace,
just look at what we have created,
but don't say these words were all in vain,
cause the bombs overhead
speak for themselves,
and that ain't just rain.
Be blessed.

Oh what a bitter ghost,
a bitter ghost that's sown itself to me,
My dim reflection has buried deep,
what their open eyes will never see.
I've never been set free.
Get out. Get out.

The powers here that be
have sought to kill the messenger.

There's a ghost still chasing after,
what it all was once before
the cold crept in and shattered,
the mind of one that I adored,
but I won't marry myself with closing doors.
No, I can't keep quiet here anymore.

We're caving in the dark room.
Remain not to us unsung..